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Tel: 020 8874 5429

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Headteacher: Ellie Loughnan

Acting Deputy Headteacher: Annie Ball

Actiong Deputy Headtacher: Peter Weal 

Chair of Governors: Jean Nicholls

School Business Manager: Sheila Paterson


















Welcome to Brandlehow School !



This booklet is designed to give you helpful information.  I hope you will find it useful.  Please make an appointment to meet me if you would like to arrange a tour of the school.  We welcome visits from  parents of prospective pupils.   I am very proud of Brandlehow and believe that all children can be encouraged to reach their full potential in this happy, hardworking environment.  I look forward to meeting you.



Sara Grove, Headteacher



BRANDLEHOW is a community primary school funded by the London Borough of Wandsworth.  We cater for boys and girls aged 3 - 11 years.  326 children are currently on roll including full-time and part-time nursery children.  Brandlehow is housed in a pleasant purpose built Grade 2 listed building set in a quiet residential area close to Wandsworth Park and the River Thames.  There is ample tarmac and grassy play space surrounded by trees and flowers.  We also have a beautiful garden area where pupils of all ages plant fruit and vegetables and look after a wildlife pond.  Our building has many features which make it easier for those with particular physical needs to access the site.







The Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum

The Early Years Foundation Stage is a curriculum framework used by teachers to ensure that each individual pupil from age 3 - 5 years of age has the opportunity to experience the full range of knowledge, skills and understanding considered essential for this important developmental phase.  Teachers also ensure that there is a smooth transition into the requirements of the Key Stage 1 National Curriculum for pupils aged 5 – 7  and in Key Stage 2 for pupils aged 7 – 11. 




The National Curriculum is planned to ensure that each individual pupil from five years of age has the opportunity to cover the range of knowledge, skills and understanding commonly accepted as necessary for a broad and balanced education.




.The National Curriculum subjects are Maths and English (Literacy and Numeracy), Science, ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and RE (Religious Education), History, Geography, Technology, Art, Music and PE (Physical Education).  These curriculum subjects are set in the context of the whole curriculum of the school which includes the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning Personal (including Sex Education) and Citizenship. A Modern Foreign Language (currently French) is taught in years 2 – 6.  These dimensions are woven throughout the life and work of the school and across every area of the curriculum and are addressed by every teacher.




For each subject and for each Key Stage, programmes of study set out what pupils should be taught and in the case of English, Maths and Science, level descriptions help to describe the standard of pupil’s achievements.  Brandlehow has an excellent system of individual assessment which ensures that each child is working towards challenging but achievable targets.  Their work is continuously assessed in every subject in a variety of ways.  Our aim is to ensure that we can keep ourselves and parents informed of each child’s progress and be properly prepared for the next stage of learning.




Children nationally are assessed at the end of  Key Stage 1 and 2 (at age 7 and 11) in English and Maths and Science.  These provide the government and the school with the information needed to monitor and compare national and local educational standards.


At Brandlehow pupils' attainment at the end of KS1 and 2 is judged to be outstanding.  Children have consistently attained above national averages across all subjects for the last three years.


In |Key Stage 1, the Average Point Score forpupils is significantly better than the National Results overall for all subjects and in the particular subject areas of writing and maths.     





There are four Key Stages for the different age groups:

Early Years Foundation Stage from 3 - 5 years old

Key Stage 1     from  5 -   7 years old

Key Stage 2     from  7 -  11 years old

Key Stage 3     from 11 - 14 years old

Key Stage 4     from 14 - 16 years old

Pupils at the end of Key Stage 1 will be expected to reach Level 2 by the end of the Key Stage.  The children at the end of Key Stage 2 will be expected to reach Level 4 by the end of this Stage.  Some children make slower progress than this, others will make faster progress




Many children, at some time in their school career, will have special educational needs of some kind.  These may be in the form of learning difficulties or as emotional, physical or behavioural problems.  At Brandlehow we follow the Government’s ‘Code of Practice’ (1994).  We have a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) who regularly meets with the Head teacher, Governors, classteachers, support staff and parents to identify children’s needs and how best to meet them.  We work in partnership with a range of professionals including Wandsworth’s Educational Psychology Service, Wandsworth’s Literacy Support Service, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Health and the School Nurse. Children may receive extra teaching support in the classroom or be taught in small groups to concentrate on specific skills.  Parents will be notified of initial concerns and will be involved with any decisions made concerning their child.







Religious Education at Brandlehow is taught in accordance with the Wandsworth Borough agreed syllabus.  The central aim of the Agreed Syllabus is:




“To help young people to achieve a knowledge and understanding of religious insights, beliefs and practices, so that they are able to continue in, or come to, their own beliefs and respect the right of other people to hold beliefs different from their own.  While it is taken for granted that Christianity features clearly, the syllabus also provides for teaching about other important faiths which are held in contemporary British society.  It is not part of the responsibility of the county school to promote any particular standpoint”






Religious Education at Brandlehow is taught through story and celebration.  We recognise, celebrate and learn about festivals and holy days from the Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic faiths and welcome and encourage parental involvement.  We are proud to be a multi cultural and multi faith school.




Assemblies and acts of collective worship   




Children meet together daily in their Key Stages or in Year groups for an assembly which is required by law to be of a wholly or mainly Christian nature.   Children are also invited to listen to a prayer or a thought or a poem and given time to reflect peacefully on it’s meaning and message.   Our assemblies are carefully planned so that all children can attend whatever their religious belief.  




After School Care



The school is open every day after school until 5.45 pm. during which time your child is welcome to stay for all or part of this time to enjoy high quality child care. The playcentre is run by the School - see the Brandlehow Community Club 'button' on the website or contact the school for more details and costs.  From Spring 2012 a Breakfast Club is also available from 8.00 am - details on the website or from school Reception


Extra curricular activities

There are a range of after school clubs for your child to join.  Currently we run after school football, ruby, netball, drama, dance, badminton, keyboards, French and Flamenco dance.


Brandlehow is an Eco Award winning school!



We are proud to have won this prestigious award for our environmentally friendly work in and around the school.  Projects involving the school garden, the wildlife pond, recycling precious natural resources and reducing our energy consumption are all part of the work the children are involved in.




Brandlehow is an International School !



We have strong links with schools in Crete , Poland , Norway and Italy .  We have a school to school link with Miao Ji school in China , a link with Fawe School in Sierra Leone and have plans to develop a link with a school in Paris .









Every term all parents are invited to attend an open evening at the school.  These are important occasions which we hope you will attend.  This year you will be invited in:




The Autumn term - to meet your child’s classteacher as well as all the teachers in your child’s  Key Stage team.  You will gain an overview of the new school year.  You will also be invited to make an  appointment to talk to your child’s classteacher

The Spring term - to look at your child’s work, and talk with your child’s classteacher

about their work and progress

The Summer term - your child’s annual report will be sent home and you will be given

the chance to come into school and discuss their progress.  We also invite you into school for an Open Day.




If you have any worries please come and see us because we can help and always like to see you.  If your message is simple and straightforward the teachers and Ms. Grove are always available first thing in the morning and at the end of the day in the playground.  If you have any concerns you wish to discuss at length then please telephone Sheila Paterson for an appointment 




The Head teacher will send newsletters home throughout the year with all children.  They appear monthly (except August).. You will also receive a termly newsletter from your child’s classteacher which gives you information about the work covered in class, dates for educational visits, PE days and homework. If your child is in the Nursery, Reception and Year 1 you will also receive weekly newsletters keeping you up date on your child’s class activities.







There are many areas of life in school which would be almost impossible without the help of parents and members of the local community.  We never refuse an offer - indeed we will often ask for your help on both a regular and an occasional basis.  Regular help covers such things as listening to children read, changing reading books, sewing, cooking, helping in the garden, helping in the library, helping to run a club or accompanying us to and from sports fixtures.  Occasional help might include sharing your knowledge and expertise during our annual Science Week, our annual Black History Week or contributing to our regular Learning from Religion assemblies 




P.T.A. (Parents and Teachers Association)



We have an active PTA whose members are elected annually at the AGM.   Parent representatives from each class are elected as well as a teacher representative.  The committee organise a wide range of social and fund-raising activities for the children, parents and the wider community.  Your ideas are always welcome!  All parents will be notified of any PTA functions and the names of all the committee members are posted on the parents noticeboard or available from the school office on request.  All parents and teachers are automatically members of the PTA!  Popular PTA events include the summer fair, childrens’ discos, the Halloween party, parents quiz night and the Christmas tea.   







Throughout the school year all children take a reading book home with them every day in a Brandlehow bookbag.  We expect you to aim to listen to your child read or share a book with him/her every day for about 10 -15minutes.  This will provide your child with the regular reading practise they need.  From the Reception year children also take home simple homework tasks each week.  In Year 2 children have spellings to learn and maths to complete as well as a project to complete.   In Key Stage 2 reading homework continues and in addition your child will bring home increasing amounts of homework to develop literacy, numeracy and independent study skills which complement the work your child does in the classroom.     







Attendance and punctuality are monitored very closely by the school

Please read our leaflet ‘Brandlehow Attendance Guide’ carefully




Do not take holidays during school term time.  Your child will miss important lessons

Wherever possible medical and dental appointments should be after school or during the holidays




On the first day of absence from school you are expected to telephone and leave a message clearly stating the reason for absence








Percentage of half days missed through authorised absence 3.16%

Percentage of half days missed though unauthorised absence 0.25%

Overall attendance rate 96.59%



Please visit our Anti Bullying policy on this website.

At Brandlehow we encourage children to behave considerately towards each other and to think carefully about their actions.  In order to do this we have a series of rewards for co-operative and non-aggressive behaviour, such as stickers, stars, certificates, prizes and extra privileges  A simple code has been devised with the children to remind them of expected behaviour:




            A ll name calling hurts

            B e kind and careful

            C o-operate, don’t fight

            D o you know your A B C ?




Every incident is dealt with calmly and consistently.  It is important that children are encouraged to explain their point of view and feel satisfied that they have been treated fairly.  Each class has a behaviour book into which incidents are recorded. 







The classteacher is concerned not only for the educational progress but also for the personal and social development of your child.  We try to combine high expectations with a sympathetic and caring approach.  We are committed to working in partnership with parents for the benefit of each individual child.




Sometimes, however, problems do crop up and we involve parents at an early stage rather than leave it until later and we hope you, as parents, will do the same with us.  A new baby in the family, a bereavement or some upset at home can cause your child to behave differently at school, just as worry over school work or a fall out with a friend can cause you problems at home.




Milk and Snacks

Children in the Nursery are provided with a carton of milk free of charge.  Children in the nursery, Reception, Yr 1 and Yr 2 are provided with fruit at morning breaktime under the Government’s Fruit for Schools scheme.  Other children are allowed to bring a piece of fruit to have during morning break.  Glass bottles, tins, fizzy drinks, chocolate, sweets and chewing gum are not allowed on school premises.  Nuts or products containing nuts are not allowed in school.




Lost Property




Parents are expected to clearly mark all items of your child’s school clothing.  A lost property container can be found under the shelter.  Lost property is placed in the box and children look there for anything they have mislaid.  This box is cleared at the end of each term.








When your child starts school you will receive a confidential health questionnaire and you will be asked to give your consent for your child to have contact with our School Nurse.  Separate consent is needed for school medical examinations.




The aim of the School Health Service is to work with parents and teachers to help every child make the most of their educational opportunities.




In cases where we suspect illness parents are contacted by telephone.




Emergency Telephone Number

In case of emergency at least two telephone contact numbers must be provided for every child (the first one preferably being for a parent or guardian).  Please keep us informed of any changes to this information.






















School Dinners






A delicious two-course school lunch is provided by Edwards & Ward Catering Limited.  There is always a choice of three meals every day including a vegetarian option. All parents are provided with a menu.  Payment must be made half termly in advance.




Your child will be eligible for Free School Meals only if you are receiving Income Support or Income-based Job Seeker’s Allowance.  Application for free meals can be made via the school office.  You will need to supply proof of receipt of Income Support (i.e. current benefit book, a recent DSS letter) together with a copy of your child’s birth certificate before your child starts school or as soon as you become eligible - free meals cannot be backdated.





If medicines do have to be administered during the day it is helpful if parents can come to school to do this themselves.  In any case please see the Headteacher to let us know your requirements.





We have a simple, informal uniform.  Parents are required to dress their child in our Brandlehow School sweatshirt and polo shirt to be worn with plain coloured skirt or trousers, shorts, leggings or tracksuit bottoms.  If this causes any difficulties please contact the school.  Uniform can be bought at:

Shoes should be sensible plain school type shoes with non-slip soles.  Designer style trainers , boots, high heels, slingbacks, etc., are inappropriate for everyday school wear.  They can be dangerous and can make young children unnecessarily envious of each other.  All clothes should be clearly marked with your child’s name. Please provide a painting shirt for your child to wear for art/craft activities. 




All children must purchase and use a Brandlehow School book bag.  Books and homework cannot be allowed home without one.




PE Kit




Your child will take part in Physical Education sessions twice a week

 and must wear the following kit to school on their PE days:












Tracksuit bottoms (or similar) in cold weather



Lightweight trainers/plimsolls



School Fund

This is a separate account from the school budget and it is used for expenditure on items which are of direct benefit to the children and help to support the provision of additional resources such as subsidising school educational trips, play items for lunchtime playtimes, extra items for classroom use and for stickers, certificates and rewards.  It is mainly used as a ‘holding account’ for monies for income/expenditure for visits, outings and activities.  It benefits from commission from sales of school photographs, bookfairs and donations from parents.




Cake Sale Money



Each class takes it in turn to donate cakes for the Friday cake sale which is organised by parents.  The money raised is used to provide extras for your child’s class.




Sponsored Events and Charities

Each Spring all the children and their families are involved in a sponsored Fun Run, the proceeds of which support a local charity.  In the past year we have also raised money for Jeans for Genes, the Lifeboat appeal, Poppy Day and the NSPCC




Charging Policy

The school organises frequent educational visits for all the children, usually these are free.  However, any contributions that parents are asked to make to go towards activities are voluntary and no pupil will be denied the opportunity to participate if parents are unable to contribute.  The cost of a trip is worked out on the basis that all parents will pay.




The Governors will expect the parents of any child whose behaviour results in damage to or breakage or loss of the school property to pay for the costs incurred.








If you are interested in registering your child for a place in the Nursery class or for main school please telephone Carmelina Farrag or Victoria Smith for more information. Your application for Nursery will be processed by the school .  Your application for the Reception class or any other year group will be processed by Wandsworth.  Wandsworth’s admission criteria are published annually and are available from or from the school office.




Children are normally admitted in the Autumn term after their 3rd birthday.  This means that children will spend at least three terms in the nursery before transferring into the Reception year in the September during the academic year in which they are five.




When pupils leave Brandlehow



Parents can apply for their child to be educated at any secondary school of their choice. During the Autumn term parents of Year 6 pupils are sent details of all local secondary schools and you are strongly encouraged to visit as many as possible.  Children at Brandlehow apply to a wide range of schools, the most popular in recent years being:

  • Ashcroft Technology College
  • Burntwood
  • Chestnut Grove
  • Emmanuel
  • Elliott
  • Graveney
  • Ibstock Place
  • Oratory
  • Ricards Lodge
  • Rutlish
  • Saint Cecilia’s
  • Saint Paul ’s Girls School
  • Southfields
  • Tiffin








Our school procedure for dealing with complaints is set out below:




- We expect all our pupils, staff and parents to listen carefully and respectfully to each other.




- Minor complaints should be dealt with by the classteacher.  If you are not satisfied contact the





- All serious complaints must be explained to the Headteacher so that an investigation can take place




- Parents who are unhappy about something should contact us at once.  The Headteacher will always meet

  concerned parents in order to resolve difficulties




- A parent who is still not satisfied should contact the Chair of Governors








The following documents are available on the Policy Page or by following the links on this website:




Discipline & Anti Bullying Policy

Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy

SEN Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Curriculum Policies







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